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Eligible Classes:  IX to XII


Number of Participants:  01

Prelims (Online):

  • Participants are required to make a 3D model of a Drone using Blender.

  • Participants will have to share the link of the folder (drive that contains the following files:-

    • Picture file (Render) in .png or .jpg file format

    • Original file in .blend format

    • Video explaining/presenting the design (2-3 minutes) in .mp4 format.

  • The drive link of the entries should be uploaded on the given link latest by Friday, August 25, 2023 with necessary rights to access the drive.

  • The files should be named as: school name_branch, name_event name.

  • Results of the preliminary rounds will be declared on the official Technolympics website, on Monday, August 28, 2023

  • Top 6 teams will qualify for the finals.


  • Participants will have to create a 3D model design using Blender .

  • The topic would be given on the spot.

  • They will be provided with Blender (Eevee) and also with source 3D models (Optional) .

  • The participants will have to present their design/model to the judges.

  • Judgement will be based on creativity, authenticity and overall design

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