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Eligible Classes:  IX - XII
Number of Participants:  02

Game- Brawlhalla/Valorant


  • First 16 registered schools will be mailed the link of the Discord Server on their respective schools and teacher in charge’s email ids

  • Participants must have Brawlhalla and Valorant (Swift Play mode) installed and a good internet connection on their respective devices.

  • A total of 16 teams will compete in a game of brawlhalla, where there shall be a match between any 2 randomly selected teams. The winners will participate in the main event.

  • The 8 teams which qualify will now go on a 2 vs 2 format in the game Valorant(Swift Play mode), where the players can choose the map they want to play, and ban certain types of agents classes(duelist, controller etc.)

  • This will continue until 2 teams are left. There will be an unrated custom game, with no restrictions for the final match.

  • All players will be individually monitored. Any team using unfair means will be disqualified..

  • The host school will not be responsible for any crippling software, lag or high ping.

  • The match results will be disclosed on Discord.


Mr. Eshaan Sinha (Student In Charge)

Contact No.- 8826269954

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