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Eligible Classes:  IX to XII
Number of Participants: 2

  • Robosoccer will be played like a football match in a closed arena. There will be two rounds.

  • Round 1-

    • 7 balls will be placed at specified locations in the arena.

    • Time limit is 3 minutes.

    • Participants can drive, push, or hit the ball into any of the goal posts.

    • Points = number of goals.

    • Minimum 3 goals are required for qualifying in this round.

    • If the ball is hit out of the arena, then it will not be placed back.

  • Round 2-

    • This is a knockout round where 2 teams will participate at once.

    • Time limit is 3 minutes.

    • Participants should hit the ball into the opponent’s goalpost to score points.

    • Penalty shots will be provided in case of tie.

    • Competition will be judged over Effort, Design, Strategy, Discipline Light weight tennis balls will be used for the match.

    • Robots shall not exceed dimension of 50cm x 50cm x 50cm.

    • A robot can push or grab the ball.

    • (Grabbing or pushing mechanism on the robots are allowed) Robots can be wired or wireless.

    • Power supply should not exceed 12v 3 Amps DC in total.

    • No pre-build Toys, LEGO Kits or any other gadgets will be allowed.​


Ms. Nishtha Aggarwal (Teacher in Charge)

Phone No.- 9717170822

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