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Virtual Warriors:

Eligible Classes:  IX-XII
Number of Participants:  01


● First 16 schools to register will be mailed the link to the Discord Server on respective school and teacher in charge email IDs.

● Participants must have Valorant installed and a good internet connection on their respective devices.

●  Initial rounds will be multiple spike rush 4v4, among which top 4 fraggers will qualify for the next match.

● In case of equal kills, K/D will be taken in consideration for clashing fraggers.

● All players will be individually spectated. Any team using unfair means will be disqualified. ● The host school will not be responsible for any crippling software, lag or high ping.

●  Match results will be disclosed on Discord.


Mr. Manbeer Singh Rathi (Teacher In Charge)

Contact No.- 91 98088 88034

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