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Eligible Classes : IX & X

Number of Participants : 02

Robosoccer will be played like a football match in a closed arena where only two teams will participate at once.

● Match will be of 5 minutes. Each half will be of 2.5 minutes with a halftime of 2 minutes.

● Each round will be a knockout round.

● Competition will be judged over Effort, Design, Strategy, Discipline & Performance.

● Robots shall not exceed 35cm x 35cm x35cm.

● Robots can be wired or wireless.

● Power supply should not exceed 12V 3 Amps DC in total.

● No pre-build Toys, LEGO Kits or any other gadgets will be allowed.

Teacher In Charge: Ms. Nishtha Aggarwal

Contact No.-(+91 9717170822)

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