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Eligible Classes:  IV and V

Number of Participants:  02

Software Used: Scratch 3.0


  • Prelims:

  1. Participants are required to create a game using Scratch 3.0 Offline Editor on the Theme "Space Explorers: Journey to the Stars."

  2. The game controls must be kept simple and intuitive.

  3. If possible, educational elements may be incorporated into the game, such as mathematical challenges, spelling quizzes, or science-related questions.

  4. Judgement will be based on Creativity & Originality, Gameplay / Engagement, Visual Design, Educational Value, Difficulty Level and Overall Experience.

  5. The link of your game must be shared in .sb3 format and upload their file in sb.3 format though the link provided by Friday, August 25, 2023 :

  6. The results of the prelims will be announced on the official Technolympics website ie. on Monday, August 28, 2023.

  7. Top 6 teams will qualify for the finals.


Ms. Vinoo Mehta(Teacher In Charge)

Contact No.- 98108 55550

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