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Twill a tale

Eligible Classes : VI to VIII
Number of Participants : 02

Participants should use only Scratch 3.0 Offline Editor.
● Participants should use their imagination to weave a short story on the topic “E Waste – Recycle your trash or trash your earth.”
● Duration of Story: 2 to 3 Minutes.
● Judgment Criteria: Originality, Creativity, Technicality, Relevance to topic and overall presentation.
● Submission to be mailed on in .sb3 format.
● Top 8 Teams will be selected for finals.

● Topic for the final round will be given on spot and participants will be given an hour to twill their story.
● The content of the story should be appropriate and related to the topic.
● Participants must carry their own headphones/earphones as per their requirement.
● Teams will present their work and answer the questions put to them by the Judges related to their source code (if any).

For queries contact-
Ms Vinoo Mehta(Teacher In Charge)
Contact No.-+919810855550

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