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Eligible Classes:  VIII to X
Number of Participants:  01

The event will be held in two rounds: Prelims and Finals.


● Languages allowed: HTML, JavaScript and CSS. PRELIMS:

● Participants will have to design a webpage (scroll down to max. 4 pages) for a Coffee Brand Startup.

● The webpage should be mailed in .html or .js format on ● Top 8 teams will be selected for the finals.



● Participants will have to design a website on the given topic.

● Software provided will be: Brackets, Notepad++.

● Topic will be given on the spot.

● Images, videos, etc. will be provided by the host school and the participants will not be allowed to use any other data.



Ms. Jyoti Joshi (Teacher In Charge)

Contact No.- +91 9818664861

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